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The Brand Conglomerate is a multidisciplinary design firm that focuses on building brands for Investment BEE companies, government institutions, corporate and international companies. Our aim is to offer achieve an outstanding service and creative effort to all our clientele. The Brand Conglomerate has been established as a strategic brand consultancy that specialises in brand strategy, repositioning, brand development and implementation of collateral brand elements.

Our core focus is the building and nurturing of corporate brands, establishing a professional and corporate finish in layout, look, feel and style for various diversified entities. All brand elements must have a centralised and unified brand image. Our service improves brand equity, the value of your brand as an asset based on its qualities, reputation, and recognition as well as the commitment and demand it generates. Within our service is brand management, which is the guidelines and controlling of the presentation of your brand identity. The Brand Conglomerate is a strategic design firm that focuses on the brand positioning and development of our client’s brands; this includes establishing a position in the competitive market and how that position relates to various others brands.

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